Disaster and Recovery Planning

Most organizations have a high reliance on their information technology resources - equipment, software, communications and other resources. Because of the increased usage of technology, the need for continuous delivery of services is becoming an important issue in organizations. Without proper planning, there is an increased risk that your organization would be unable to survive a major disruption to the availability of your information technology resources.

Management is responsible for establishing controls to assure the availability of continuous information technology services to support the mission of the organization. This process includes establishing plans and testing plans to assure that mission-critical functions would continue to perform adequately, in the event of a major disruption to the primary information technology resources. A disaster recovery plan or business continuity plan would help achieve this objective.

Fagnant, Lewis & Brinda, P.C. Technology Solutions' specialists and information systems auditors are trained and experienced to help you assess your current situation and develop plans to strengthen your business continuity plans.

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