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Technology should be part of the planning process for every business. The consultants at Fagnant, Lewis & Brinda, P.C. Solutions have helped many businesses determine a focus and direction for technology.

An important activity within a technology planning process is the Technology Review. A Technology Review can help you answer several very important questions, including:

  • Am I spending my technology dollars wisely?
  • Do I have the right quantity and quality of technology support staff?
  • Do I have a stable and secure technology infrastructure that can grow with me?
  • Do I need a new or updated technology plan?
  • What opportunities for Ebusiness exist and when should I pursue them?

Technology Reviews vary in length from one day to one month, depending upon the complexity of the review and the size of the client's business. The Technology Review is comprised of information gathering, staff interviews and report generation. Close contact with the client is maintained throughout the review and a series of recommendations are included in our report.

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